Survey Rewards

Knowing about the MyBKExperience customer satisfaction survey, I hope you can easily participate. In exchange for answering all the questions in the MyBKExperience Survey, consumers receive a Burger King coupon. A Burger King coupon code will appear on your screen once you have completed the survey. Burger King will be able to improve their services as a result, and your next visit to Burger King will be pleasant.


Burger King believes its most valuable asset is its ability to satisfy its customers. In order to address this, the international fast-food chain invites clients to take part in an online survey where they can provide their honest feedback about the service and attention in the restaurant.

My BK Experience Survey Rewards

After answering all questions in the My BK Experience survey, survey participants receive a Burger King coupon. You will receive a Burger King coupon in the form of a code after completing the survey.

To redeem your Burger King coupon, you must write the code on the receipt you used to access the MyBKExperience Survey. You will receive the offer that comes with the Burger King coupon when you present your receipt next time you visit the restaurant.


Coupons for Burger King may change from time to time. Check your receipt for them. Generally, you can redeem the Burger King coupon for a free Whopper at any Burger King location that participates. Other offers cannot be combined with the free Whopper offer from the MyBKExperience customer survey. There are no exchanges for Burger King survey free Whoppers.

If you have problems completing the My BK Experience customer survey, please visit the Burger King Official Website’s contact page. If you need to resolve your issue quickly, we recommend contacting Burger King customer service by phone. 1-866-394-2493 is Burger King’s contact number.