Survey Objectives

The Burger King restaurant chain in America is loved by people all over the world. As Burger King strives to keep up with its competitors, they strive to provide their customers with the best food, service, and environment to have the best meals of their lives. Burger King uses customer feedback submitted by their customers online to accomplish this.


Nevertheless, the MyBKExperience survey is intended to gather customer feedback on Burger King’s food. If you frequent Burger King, then fill out their customer feedback survey for a chance to win a free whopper. The survey can be filled out at It is important that you understand the importance of survey feedback for a business since it is an invaluable tool for them to improve their services. This article describes a few of these objectives.

What Are The Survey Objectives?

This survey is primarily designed to determine customer satisfaction. The brand image will be improved if a customer is satisfied, whereas negative feedback will guide the restaurant to improve its services. There are several other objectives for conducting this survey, which will be discussed below:

  • Burger King can use this survey to determine which outlets are performing best and, if necessary, take action to improve their performance.
  • When the restaurant improves its offerings, it takes customer feedback into account.
  • It boosts the confidence of customers to feel as if the top management is hearing them.
  • By conducting such surveys, companies can improve their brand image, as this shows a desire to make improvements so that customers will receive the best service.
  • Additionally, loyalty increases as the brand become more trusted by its customers.
  • A positive improvement in the quality of services, such as cleanliness and food safety.
  • Lastly, customers can win exciting prizes, so they don’t hesitate to refer others to this survey.