Customer Service

MyBKExperience Survey feedback is very important to Burger King’s management. It is easy to feel the quality of their staff, service, and food, and if something needs to be fixed, they will. Customer feedback and experiences from their most recent visit to Burger King were collected in the MyBKExperience survey.


Burger King customers sometimes think that completing the survey is a waste of time, but it is not. Take the MyBKExperience survey next time you dine at Burger King to get better service. The company has decided to interact directly with customers and make improvements.

You can choose from several options for placing your response in the MyBKExperience survey at Due to the fact that Burger King doesn’t ask for detailed descriptions of anything, the investigation takes almost no time. It is important to note that you will only receive rewards for completing the survey successfully.

Customer Service Contact Details

To contact Burger King, if you are having trouble completing the MyBKExperience customer survey, go to their contact page. If your problem needs to be resolved quickly, we recommend contacting Burger King customer service representatives by telephone. The phone number for Burger King customer service is 866-394-2493. You can also contact your local Burger King for more information.

Be cautious when entering your information in the form at the beginning of the MyBKExperience Survey. You will be blocked from the website if you enter the wrong information three times.

You can find Burger King locations near you by using the search box on the homepage of the site. Upon entering your address, city, or zip code, you’ll receive a list of restaurants that you can choose from. Locations will also be listed under the Results heading in addition to being pinned on the map on your screen.