MyBKExperience Survey is an online survey that collects customer feedback. Burger King relies on customers, to be honest in their feedback. Using this survey, they can find out how satisfied their customers are after visiting one of their restaurants.


By completing the survey at MyBKExperience, customers will earn rewards. Burger King restaurants will either offer you a free whopper or a coupon code that can be used at any Burger King location. The survey is available 24/7 on, and it takes about 4 to 5 minutes to complete.

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In today’s market, every organization, no matter its industry, needs honest feedback from its customers. Surveys about customer satisfaction have become more and more popular over the years. The majority of organizations want to find out whether they can satisfy their customers’ needs.

Burger King’s MyBKExperience Survey offers customers the opportunity to be as candid as possible and express their opinions about the company. The survey is designed to be holistic in nature. As a multifaceted survey, it provides the company with all the information it needs to improve its services more efficiently and effectively.

How To Start MyBKExperience Survey?

By following the instructions below, all eligible customers can complete the MyBKExperience online survey.

  • Open your internet browser and navigate to the official website
  • To complete the MyBKExperience Survey, you can choose English (the default language), Spanish, or French. By scrolling down the webpage and clicking your preferred language, you can change the language.
  • The number of the restaurant can be found on the top of your Burger King receipt.
  • After entering the restaurant number, click Next.


  • In the required field, enter the MyBKExperience Survey code and click on the Start button to begin the survey.
  • Please provide your honest reviews of the MyBKExperience customer survey results. The restaurant will ask you a number of questions, including the type of order and the number of people.
  • When you’re done, click next. You’ll be asked to rate your satisfaction. Depending on your preferences, you can be highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied, or highly dissatisfied.
  • Your personal information, such as your full name, phone number, and email address, must be entered.
  • Upon submitting your survey, MyBKExperience will provide you with a validation code, which you must write down.

Upon completion of the survey, all participants will receive a MyBKExperience validation code to redeem for a free Whopper. Customers must present a recent purchase receipt with a survey code in order to participate. Survey Rules & Requirements

There are a few requirements and rules you need to follow before telling Burger King about your experience through MyBKExperience feedback.

  • Your receipt from any Burger King outlet with a restaurant code and MyBKExperience Survey Code is needed to complete the survey.
  • You will need a computer or mobile device to complete the survey.
  • Without an internet connection, you will not be able to access the online tell burger king survey website.
  • It is necessary to be able to understand English, French, or Spanish in order to answer the survey questions.
  • You must use the code within 30 days of purchase.
  • MyBKExperience Survey Codes can only be used once, but not more than once.
  • The same code cannot be used for retaking the survey if you make a mistake during the survey process.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States of America in order to complete the MyBKExperience Customer survey.
  • Burger King Survey participants must be at least 18 years old. The survey is not open to those under the age of 18.

My BK Experience Customer Feedback Survey Questions

  • The satisfaction level will be one of the questions you will be asked. Every time you dine at Burger King, you’ll be asked how satisfied you are with the service or the overall experience.
  • We will ask you about the behavior of the staff to determine whether they have been satisfactory. Burger King, however, provides them with adequate training.
  • The quality of Burger King’s food is guaranteed. However, in this survey, you may have to decide whether the quality is recommendable. There may be an increase or decrease in price.


  • Burger King places a high priority on cleanliness as well. They make sure that their products are hygienic.
  • How much do Burger King’s products cost? Are you getting the service you deserve?
  • Burger King allows you to describe past experiences if you have any elaborately. They will resolve your problem or keep these things in mind so you won’t have to deal with the same issues next time.
  • Additionally, you will be asked to rate the MyBKExperience service. If any changes need to be made to their service, please let them know.
Official NameMyBKExperience
Managed ByBurger King
Languages SupportedEnglish, French, and Spanish
Survey RewardFree Whopper

Burger King Customer Survey Rewards

The participants of the My BK Experience survey receive a Burger King coupon after answering all the questions. When you complete the survey, you will receive a Burger King coupon in the form of a code.

You will need to write the code on the receipt you used to access the MyBKExperience Survey in order to redeem your Burger King coupon. Bring your Burger King receipt next time you visit the restaurant to receive the offer that comes with the coupon.

Burger King coupons may change from time to time. You will find them on your receipt. In most cases, you can redeem the Burger King coupon for a free Whopper at any Burger King location that participates. There is no way to combine the MyBKExperience customer survey free Whopper offer with other offers. Burger King survey free Whoppers cannot be exchanged for anything else.


What Are The Goals Of The MyBKExperience.Com Survey?

Whether they do business online or offline, every business wants to know how satisfied their customers are. Surveys can provide this information. As a result, Burger King introduced a feedback survey to help them retain their customers. Here are the reasons Burger King introduced this survey program.

  • Enhance the quality of food offered to customers.
  • To fulfill the desires and prospects of their customers.
  • Resolving any issues brought up by customers about one of their chains.
  • They do this to determine the performance of their employees.
  • For the official website of www.MyBKExperience.Com to get more visitors.

About Burger King Restaurants

Burger King is a chain of fast-food restaurants based in America that is loved by people worldwide. Originally, it was an Insta-Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in 1953, the restaurant chain has only grown since then. The headquarters of the company are still in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

There are more than 15000 Burger King restaurants in the world. Millions of people are loyal to BK, and it’s easy to see why. The company goes to all lengths in order to satisfy its customers by providing good food, friendly service, and a hospitable, cozy atmosphere.


BK burgers are very popular. Survey Free Whopper is available after you fill their survey. As the name suggests, Burger King is famous for its burgers. Other delicious products include Chicken, French fries, Soft drinks, Milkshakes, Salads, Desserts, Breakfast, and Hot dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Portal

Is there a way to give feedback to Burger King?

Burger King has an official customer feedback platform called MyBkExperience, where you can provide feedback. Visit to see what the official MyBKExperience website has to offer. You can use another method to submit your feedback about Burger King if you don’t want to use our survey program. Call 1-866-394-2493 to speak to a customer relations representative. They are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. On the Burger King website, you can also send your feedback through the contact us page.

How many customers visit Burger King every day?

Burger King reports that over eleven million people visit its restaurants worldwide to enjoy their favorite dishes. According to them, this is due to the high quality of customer service, the low prices, and the delicious meals.

What is the Burger King Crown Card balance?

You can check your crown card through the gift card website if you don’t remember it. Check your BK Crown Card balance by scrolling down, entering your card number, and clicking check balance.

My BK Experience Survey Troubleshooting Guide

When you enter your information in the form at the beginning of the MyBKExperience Survey, be careful. If you enter the wrong information three times, you will be blocked from the website.

You can visit the Burger King Official Website’s contact page if you have problems completing the MyBKExperience customer survey. We recommend contacting Burger King customer service representatives by phone if your issue needs to be addressed quickly. Burger King’s customer service number is 1-866-394-2493.

Alternatively, you can contact your local Burger King for more information. Use the search box on the homepage of the site to locate Burger King locations near you. If you enter your address, city, or zip code, you will receive a list of restaurants that you can choose from. In addition to being pinned on the interactive map on your screen, the locations will also be detailed under the Results heading.

Closing Remarks

With over 15 thousand stores across the globe, Burger King is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. Burger King serves almost 11 million customers every single day. The restaurant serves soda, French fries, hamburgers, and many more items that are ready in just a few minutes after ordering.

Participants in the MyBKExperience Survey receive a Burger King coupon after answering all the questions. After you complete the survey, you will see a code on your screen for the Burger King coupon. Now that you are aware of the MyBKExperience customer satisfaction survey, I hope you can easily participate in it. It will help Burger King improve their services, and at your next visit, you will enjoy the meals and be treated well.

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